How to fix AirPlay error on iOS

AirPlay is one of the best features on iOS. For those who don’t know what AirPlay is, it is a feature which allows content from any device running on the iOS operating system to be played wirelessly on a Mac device or Apple TV. If two devices supporting AirPlay are connected to the same WIFI network, then the option to play content wirelessly using AirPlay appears on applications that support AirPlay.

Many users have complained about the AirPlay feature lagging, responding late, and not working properly on their devices. If you are also facing any such issue with the AirPlay, then today we are here with some quick methods that you can follow to fix AirPlay errors on iOS devices.

Tips to fix AirPlay Error on iOS

In order for AirPlay to work, both the devices which are used to share content using AirPlay should be connected to the same wireless network.

If the AirPlay icon is not visible, then make sure that the Apple TV or Mac device to which you are about to wirelessly play the content is also switched ON and awake.

If Bluetooth is switched ON, then turn it OFF.

If WIFI is switched OFF, then turn it ON.

Make sure that the WIFI router has the latest firmware installed.

If more than one iOS devices are trying to stream content to the Apple TV or Mac device, then you may face an error. Always make sure to stream content from one iOS device only at a time.

Some third-party applications may cause the AirPlay feature on your iOS device to work improperly especially if the application does a similar function as AirPlay. iOS applications like AirParrot and Duet are some of the applications that cause AirPlay error on iOS devices. So if these apps are installed on your iOS device, try uninstalling them.

Make sure that playing content using AirPlay is not blocked by the firewall on your Mac device. To check the same, first launch the Apple Menu and then launch the “System Preferences” window. Now click on “Security & Privacy” and then click on “Firewall”. Under the “Firewall Options” section, uncheck the checkbox that says “Block All Incoming Connections”. Also, check the box that says “Automatically Allow Signed Software to Receive Incoming Connections”.

Is your AirPlay error fixed?

We hope the above tips on how to fix AirPlay error on iOS helped you fix the issue you are facing. In case you are still facing AirPlay error on iOS, consider upgrading the operating system on your device to the latest version and if it still doesn’t help, take your device to the nearest Apple Care Center and get it inspected by professionals.

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