7 things to know before buying an iPhone

As we all know, iPhone is a very expensive gadget to have. And once we have it, we treat them as precious gem right into our palm. Meaning, we don’t want to happen such accident like fall it down and get broke and mostly, we are after what’s the new version is and what it’s feature. iPhone is somehow treated as an obsession because not all can afford to buy the product itself. You also need to know the difference from the previous to present version of an iPhone is the most important factor. And so, I am going to give some tips and ideas which I called.

7 things to know before buying an iPhone.

1. Augmented Reality

From the previous release version and model of an iPhone let’s just say form iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. These three Apple’s pride models come along with AR kit to support an immersive gameplay experience to its owner. Apple X from true dept camera will take you to another level of photography and style. It has a special set up that can transform a person into an animoji version of themselves by snap chat filter thru face mapping.

2. Camera

When it comes to camera quality for an iPhone model, I would advice having an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone X, especially if its the most important to you. A second telephoto lens has both of them which gives lens of the camera a better zoom, and you will feel like using a DSLR camera portrait. It can also mimic any kinds of studio lighting and ambiance in the picture by having Apple add a portrait lightning to camera’s portrait mode. What’s best is both front and back camera of both iPhone model have the same portrait mode, best for selfie lovers.

3.Face ID

Face ID is now the new security feature of an iPhone, Touch ID has already disappeared

in iPhone X because as per the Apple team it is much secured in authenticating payments and unlocking the phone, while the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus finger scanner was still kept on the home button of the phone.

4. Home Button

Across all iPhone release, the only model of their iPhone model which don’t have a home button is the iPhone X. Meaning, if you are still into an iPhone with home button as the usual thing, you may not want to have an iPhone X and you may still go to iPhone 8 or 8Plus.

5. Screen

Every iPhone screen has an Apple versatile true tone technology. The iPhone 8 and the 8Plus both have HD Retina displays while the iPhone X has a Super Retina with added more pixels per inch. iPhone X is also the first release that uses HDR and OLED technology which are producing more life-like pictures and images in deeper black and richer colors.

6. Size

An iPhone 8 have a screen of 5.5 inches, but it’s bulkier than the iPhone 8, while an iPhone 8 comes with 4.7 inches and it’s more comfortable to use since it is much slimmer. On the other hand, An iPhone X combines both the physical feature of the two, giving you a wide 5.8-inch screen with a bigger size and weight.

7. Price

Price mostly comes first on the things you need to know, but I put it in the end so you’ll have the comparisons memorized before you go ahead and buy a new iPhone. The latest price of iPhone X in India is 82,000 INR.

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