MacBook Pro Review: Everything you need to Know

Macbook repair

In the world of laptops, the devices from Apple Inc has got no match across the market. MacBook is known and famous for its speed, outlook, software, and design. Since all the Apple products are different from the rest of the electronic products in their category, the MacBook is no different. With features different from other laptops as well as the designing and the user interface it makes for a top-rated product.

Macbook repair

MacBook maybe expensive or a bit complicated to use as compared to windows but still this does not dampen the spirit of the people that are willing to buy it almost as soon as it’s launched. Using a MacBook is a pleasure to the eyes and hands as it has numerous features and a very pleasing user interface.

MacBook is very famous in today’s world especially with the youth and the office workers. With the release of upgraded models, the previous versions do take a plunge, but usually, most of the features of the laptops remain the same.

  1. The screen of a MacBook is one of the best to a laptop, with excellent viewing angles, brightness and color accuracy which is quite essential while editing photographs or videos.
  2. The MacBook Pro is a beautiful machine available in two colors- silver and space grey aluminum.
  3. The touch ID fingerprint scanner is a useful addition and works as well as it was advertised
  4. The touch bar that was included recently has also proven its worth and is the reason behind the growth of the app support. The touch bar was introduced in the space of the top row function keys that looks like a mini iPad and can be touched in nature.
  5. The latest edition of MacBook Pro has one of the most extended battery lives and can sustain anything that a person might want to work on it.
  6. The only thing that is missing from the upgraded version of MacBook is its USB ports which remain the same as does the non-availability of the USB-A port.

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The MacBook is available from the starting price of INR 64000, and it is one of the most refined powerful laptops available in the market. There are indeed a lot many options that are cheaper and also excellent but nowhere there is a laptop that has the same combination of build quality, massive trackpad, an extensive selection of USB-C ports and an excellent keyboard. The main question is, however, is the newest MacBook pro worth purchasing? Or is the earlier model worth it? The answer to that is the previous model of the MacBook Pro with its killer sound system and amazing graphics. It is worth the price it is being sold at, whereas the new MacBook Pro is shielded by its touch bar which alone doesn’t make it worth.  Apple has got its name in the world of computers. Hence even if the latest model does not offer some advanced features than the earlier one, it has yet gained the same reputation.

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