How to Fix No Sound Issue on iPhone?

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Apple iPhone users have been complaining about hearing no sound or distorted audio from their iPhone. If you are also facing this issue then today we bring different methods to fix no sound issue on iPhone. The same methods can also be used to solve no sound issue on iPad and iPod Touch as well.

How to Fix No Sound Issue on iPhone

Check the Sound Settings on your iPhone

The first solution to fix the no sound issue on iPhone is to check whether the sound settings on your iPhone has been changed or not.

There is a Ring/Silent hardware switch present on the left side of your iPhone, make sure that the switch is not in the Silent mode. If the orange color is visible on the switch, then it means that the Silent Mode is ON. Slide the switch in the opposite direction to turn Silent Mode OFF.

If that doesn’t fix the no sound issue on your iPhone, then launch the Settings application on your device. Under Settings, click on “Do Not Disturb” option and make sure that the Do Not Disturb feature is turned OFF. If the Do Not Disturb mode is ON, then that might be the reason for the no sound issue on your iPhone.

Check if your device is connected to a Bluetooth Speaker:

Another reason why no sound is being played by your iPhone might be because your iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker and the audio is being sent to the Bluetooth speaker. Try switching OFF the Bluetooth on your iPhone and check if the no sound issue on your iPhone is fixed.

Restart your iPhone

There may be some application or process running on your iPhone which may be the reason for the no sound issue on your iPhone. Try restarting your iPhone to clear out all applications and processes running in the background and then check if the sound is working fine on your iPhone.

Clear Out the Dust From the Headphone Jack

If there is too much dust accumulated in your headphone jack, then it can make your device software believe that a headphone is plugged in. Using a small and soft brush, clear out the dust that is present in the headphone jack of your device.

Final Words

The different methods listed above are fixes for the common reasons that cause no sound issue on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. If none of the methods to fix the issue works in your case, then contact Apple Care Support and take your device to the Apple Care Center to get it inspected by a professional Apple Care representative to get the issue fixed.

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